Jesus in the Field/ Ark

2019 feb 12 Jesus in the Field/ Ark
I went into the spirit this morning to see the Lord, as I do sometimes, and as I was flying, I noticed that I had on a beautiful flowing white dress. (I never had this before). 2nd unusual thing, He wasn’t in heaven, He was in the field. I was so surprised because I had come to worship as usual. Him being in the field immediately made me think of Elul. I said is this a clue about rapture? He opened His hand and showed me a miniature ark. Then we were surrounded by various zoo animals. I knew they weren’t going to fit on that little ark. He knew what I was thinking, and we laughed. It was amazing, they were beautiful. I love animals! They were tame and we could pet them. I petted a zebra. I remember the zebra the most vividly. I hugged Him and said I love you papa, as I usually do, and He hugs me back and I left.
After this I saw a video of a true sister and in her video description she says “Jesus is coming, get in the ark!”.
17th feb: Praying for more understanding, He revealed to me that logically, He would be in His field when it’s time to harvest. The barley harvest comes first, which is when we are transformed. We will be kept safe during tribulation just as Noah was kept safe in the ark.
I just realized after watching a video today about Jesus “stripes” that heal us, it relates to the zebra!!! That’s why the zebra stuck out to me in the dream!!! The stripes relate to transformation!

Here is the video:

3 thoughts on “Jesus in the Field/ Ark

    1. That’s a little hard to explain, but Ill try. When in a meditative theta state of mind, like when I’m waking up, I can do this, I close my eyes and see with my minds eye, same way we see visions and dream. I pray first and ask Him if I can see Him and He shows me things. Never ever do it without Jesus. God bless


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