It’s almost over!

It’s almost over!


Dream 2 Oct 2019:

I was in my home and Jesus came to visit me. He went into a room and came out of it wearing brand new clothes (with the tags and labels still on!). I helped Him take the labels off. Then He smiled, and gave me a knowing look, said “it’s almost over”. Then He left and said He will be back soon. I noticed then that my house was a mess and got to work trying to get it clean before He comes back. It was an insurmountable task.

End of dream.


I actually didn’t realise it was Jesus in this dream until afterwards. He must have done that on purpose so I wouldn’t get excited and ask Him a million questions! I haven’t dreamed of Him for years!

I believe Him coming to visit represents when He came to earth 2000 years ago. When He went in the room is when He died. He came out wearing brand new clothes: alive in His glorified body! He left back to heaven, and will be back soon! My trying to clean is doing my best to clean up my sin and be good for Him. It is an impossible task to be completely clean on. our own. He appreciates the fact that we try though. We try because we love Him. But he never noticed the mess. He only saw that I cared for Him and helped Him. We can’t do it on our own. We need Jesus. He sees past our sin into our hearts. We got to keep our hearts fixed on Him. He is coming back soon! It’s almost over!


I got confirmation the next day, hearing this song. In the lyrics he says it’s almost over! 🙂

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