Muslims take over an Airport

2020 Nov 4

Dream: I was in a car with my mum driving, going into an airport. The traffic got jammed and I saw up ahead a bus that was taken over by Muslim men with guns. They were shouting and running around waving their guns and shooting anyone that did not comply. I told my mum to duck down. We saw people sneaking out of their cars and running to the main airport building. We did too. Everything seemed normal at first inside with people walking around, shopping etc, but I noticed muslim ladies laying down large prayer mats all over the central area of the mall. I looked around and saw armed muslim men all over the mall and in the control room. They had quietly taken over and no-one had noticed yet. End.

I’ve had prophetic dreams like this before which have come true, so I know I can’t ignore this one. Please pray. 🙏

Something unusual is that my mum lives in New Zealand and I live in australia. I don’t see her much or dream of her much either. Maybe this is a clue that this will happen in new zealand? I don’t know for sure. I don’t recognize the airport. I’m also wondering why they would be taking over an airport. What might they be planning?

Let me know what you think.

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