Everyone, get on the Ark, NOW!

2021 Sep 15:

I woke up and heard in the spirit, someone yelling out a window “everyone get on the ark now!” The person was wearing a raincoat. I saw a storm coming in with strong winds and rain. It felt so urgent!

I didnt post straight away, because I was waiting on confirmations. I definitely got confirmations.

A friend of mine had a dream about me on the 10th of september. They saw me warning people to get ready. That same day I got sick with a sore throat and fever and thats a sign in itself, because I usually get a sore throat when I’m going to make a video. I still hope to make the video after posting this here.

Here is his dream in his words:

I’ve just had a dream and you were in it. I was in a room with kids from my school and someone was playing pool, or snooker, and you had a drawing pad on the table, and there was someone who kept bugging you online and you had your conversation written on the pad, and you write to him, Talking fuels the fire, or something like that. You also had on that piece of paper from the drawing pad in all caps in big-ish letters which said, TELL PEOPLE TO BE READY, or something like that…You had your note pad on the table and in the way of a game of pool, or snooker and you took it off the table in the end. I’m not sure who was playing, but I know that it wasn’t me and you… It was definitely a small sized snooker table that we had in school that was 6 feet long and we played pool on it, so it would have been pool in my dream. Also, on the drawing pad you definitely had “tell the church to be ready”. I remember it now, because in the dream I read it and thought, No one will know what she’s talking about since they’re not Christians. The next thing you took the drawing pad and laughed, more like a giggle I think and said, Sorry, or said, Sorry and giggled. (End of dream.)

After this, my friend asked me how many subscribers I have, I checked and the number on youtube I have is 270. I felt like looking up that number on strongs because God often gives me signs with numbers and their meanings. I’m glad I did because the meanings were a confirmation for me to make a video!

Strongs Greek 270: to reap.

Strongs Hebrew 270: to grasp, take hold, take possession.

^I believe this is referring to the rapture!

So be ready, every day for the rapture, it could happen at any time. myself and others have had so many signs about it and confimations. Today is high watch but it could be any day soon. To be ready for the rapture, you need to believe in Jesus, trust Him, give your life to Him, and put Him first. You also need to forgive anyone that has hurt you, every day, so God will forgive you. I say the Lords prayer every day as a reminder for myself, it includes the part please forgive me as I forgive others. Dont let the accuser make you doubt your salvation. We are all sinners and none of us can earn salvation. Noone can ever be good enough for that. That’s why Jesus died for us to cover our sins.¬†All you have to do is believe and trust in Him and do your best. He doesnt look at your sin, He looks at your heart. The spirit that is willing, though the flesh is weak. He chooses the humble and meek, the ones who love and care for others. The ones with a sacrificial, servant heart. Remember the tax collector who prayed and the pharisee and who God listened to.

I hope to post more dreams soon, Ive had a few. God bless

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