Hebrew words and Beast system dream.


1 Oct 2019 word: moehim

I heard a word from God: mo’ehyim. I’ve been saying it when praying in tounges and it stood out to me and it came up in my spirit. Then I heard “it’s the time of the mo’ehyim” and “the mo’ehyim is coming”. I don’t know if I spelt it right. It sounds like moedim, but with an H sound rather then D.


The word mo’ehyim doesn’t seem to exist, but it is Jewish or hebrew. I think it is a variation on the word moedim. Moedim means appointed times/seasons. Elohim ends with him or hyim. So it’s like a combination of these 2 words. So please help me out, if you know anything about hebrew. There are more Hebrew words at the end of the following dream that I need help with also:


2019 Oct 4 dream: future mark of beast system


4 scenes of what the world will be like during mark of beast system. What I noticed about all of them was how controlling the system is going to be and how it focuses on perfection. Absolutely narcissistic. Very cold and clinical. All the buildings were white and shiny, like on the movie “the host”. They were like whitewashed tombs. Satan appears as an angel of light. People will think the system is a good thing and those on the outside will be ostracised and homeless. They appeared to care about people. Get the mark so you can have free food etc. I had a previous dream that showed that the mark would be encouraged, then pressured before it would be enforced. So this dream lines up with that. They can’t force the mark on us.  There will be a point after this when they will put people in prison and behead them, who don’t get the mark.


Scene 1: I was in an old couples small apartment. I was trying to hide from police. I found under their bed, a trapdoor with a room underneath. Hidden in that room were things from the past, books, music and art. There was survival gear too, but it was old. I was looking through her drawings, they were of her own past, memories. She came in and told me please don’t touch those, please don’t hand them in and she was crying. It was against the law to have things from the past.


Scene 2: I was in a hotel, but it felt more like a prison. There was a large white snake sneaking up on me and my children while we slept. I was trying to kill it, then a crocodile (or alligator?) got it. I think the snake was satan. It was white because satan tries to be an angel of light. Not sure what the crocodile meant?


Scene 3: I was an intern at a news station, called “truth news”. Large building, everything white. The women that worked there all looked like models. They had enhanced bodies, like cyborgs. I was assisting the ones that were reporters. I said when can we go out and find a good story. They said we don’t do that. The boss hands them the story and they make a report on it. But noones supposed to talk about it. You get paid more if you keep it hush. You get fired and reported to police if you say anything. She was laughing about it. Then we went into a business meeting, but it was more like a court room with judges. They were choosing out the best employees based on how they looked. The one woman that was the best one dressed inappropriately on purpose, to rebel against the system and she got disqualified for how she dressed. So someone else got to be best employee. The women all loathed the system which rewarded beauty instead of intelligence. 

When I got out after work to my car, homeless people had trashed my car and they were threatening me. One guy had a knife. I remembered that I was dreaming and fought them off easily. They knew the “truth news” were liars and were protesting against it.


Scene 4: I went into a children’s playland place with inflatables, like an indoor playground. The foyer was all white but there was actually different colours in the playground. To get in people had to scan their right hand. I didn’t have the mark on my right hand to scan. There was a social worker/charity worker there, and she was giving me vouchers to go to places. The mark is for paying for stuff, so these vouchers were for people who didn’t have the mark to pay. (I didn’t get to see what the mark looked like). She encouraged people to get the mark. The vouchers were just to help them get by until they made an appointment and went in to get the mark. The vouchers were limited. For welfare payments, you had to have the mark.

There was another woman there who was working with her. She was sick. A doctor came in injected medicine to the back of her neck. She did it roughly like she didn’t care if it hurt and the woman winced in pain and put her hand over it. The doctor, I could tell, was evil, a demon in disguise. I could see it in her eyes. I knew in my spirit she had injected a tracking device in there without the woman’s knowledge. The doc gave me a nasty look as if to warn me not to tell her. I could see the doc looked on humans as if they were cattle to be owned and controlled. The doc had kits for giving people the mark. I looked at the labelling, it was the same labelling as the news station, the hotel and the police. Everything had this label. It was a one world government. I knew in my spirit this was the beast system. It was four words in Hebrew. I read them and when I tried to memorise them, God took from me 2 of the words. The 2 words I remember were shabbat chavad. Shabbat is Sabbath. I’m struggling to find the meaning of Chavad. So please help me out. It was definitely Chavad, not chabad.


I know the beast system will disrespect God’s Sabbath or change the day of it. Sabbath is one of the 10 commandments. I learned that from Ron Wyatt who found the original 10 commandments. I know they are bringing in the noahide laws. I haven’t studied much more about it other than that, so please help me out if you know any more about it or what those hebrew words could mean. Thank you. God bless.

Update: just noting that there was no other children at the playground place in dream. I did think it strange in the dream that there was no children whatsoever in the dream, except my own. But this lines up with the coming rapture of the children.

Also noting I had a thought that maybe the crocodile represents Australia. Maybe Australia will fight the beast system?

Also MUST see comments below! :

6 thoughts on “Hebrew words and Beast system dream.

  1. Hi,

    I entered chavad into a Hebrew to English translator and it came back with the word “Glory.” Another word for it was “Magnificent.” The other definitions the translator gave were:

    הוֹד (literary) glory, splendor, majesty ; Your … , His …, Her … (form of address as in Your Majesty, His Excellency)
    doitinHebrew.com Phonetic Translation

    hod (literary) glory, splendor, majesty ; Your … , His …, Her … (form of address as in Your Majesty, His Excellency)


    glory, splendor, majesty, grandeur, magnificence, gloriousness, grandioseness, grandiosity, greatness, princeliness, pulchritude, resplendence, solemnity, solemnness, gala

    Hebrew Thesaurus

    (ז’) פאר, הדר, זוהר, גאווה, תהילה, תפארת, גאון, כבוד, יקרה, רוממות, מלכות, עליונות

    Wikipedia English – The Free Encyclopedia
    Hod (Kabbalah)
    Hod (“Majesty”; הוד) in the Kabbalah of Judaism is the eighth sephira of the Kabbalistic tree of life. It is derived from hod הוד in the Hebrew language meaning “majesty” or “splendor” and denoting “praise” as well as “submission”.
    Hod sits below Gevurah, across from Netzach and Yesod is to the south-east of Hod. It has four paths commonly which lead to Gevurah, Tiphereth, Netzach, and Yesod.

    Hasidic Judaism’s view of Hod is that it is connected with Jewish prayer. Prayer is seen as form of “submission”; Hod is explained as an analogy: that instead of “conquering” an obstacle in one’s way, (which is the idea of Netzach), subduing oneself to that “obstacle” is related to the quality of Hod.

    See more at Wikipedia.org… The rest is in Hebrew.

    I am guessing that the 2 words that you were not allowed to retain was the actual name of the Beast, the man who will go into Perdition. Chavad sounds like how a King would be addressed, maybe as “Your Majesty, (missing word) (missing word).”

    Deb Colby

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    1. Could it be the Lord of the Sabbath!!!
      The phrase “the Lord of the Sabbath” is found in Matthew 12:8, Mark 2:28, and Luke 6:5. But it is about Jesus in those scriptures. It makes perfect sense now, the Antichrist is the mirror image of Jesus, a false Jesus. And Sabbath is the thing he will change to disrespect God’s 10 commandments. Wow!!!


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