This is an experience I had about 2 years ago, which I hesitated sharing because it’s about my daughter, so it is personal. But I feel now I need to share it because it will help others. Also it is about a particular demon named Amon, and I couldnt find any info on this demon anywhere in christian spiritual warfare. So this info could help someone else who is dealing with it.

Sep 5 2019: My 15 year old daughter had been getting into wicca / witchcraft and tarot cards, and I had to talk to her about this a few times and pray with her and get rid of the stuff she had, but the problem kept coming up because she kept feeling drawn to it. She has other issues, too much to go into here. So I prayed and asked God for guidance, I asked what is causing these problems with my daughter? The name “amon” popped up in my mind. I had no idea what or who Amon was, but I knew I was going to rebuke him because I had flash visions of me doing it (prophetic visions). Warning: these fallen angels are powerful so dont go against them if you are not prepared, armored up and confident in spiritual warfare!

I had a feeling this was going to be a more powerful demon than the usual ones I face, so I prepared my spiritual armor and went along with Jesus to find this demon. He took me straight to its palace. It actually had a palace in the spirit, underground. He was sitting on a throne with many demons surrounding him, serving him. They were in front of him guarding him. I wasnt afraid, because Jesus emanated peace and He was holding my hand and smiling at me and I felt safe. We just walked forward and they had to get out of the way. They were growling us and hissing at us. They couldnt stand to be near His presence. Anyway we got up to the throne and Amon is at least 12 foot tall. He had blue skin and his outfit and jewellery looked egyptian, or some kind of ancient tribal style, like the above picture. He stood up kind of startled/shocked saying “what are you doing here??” He was mad. Jesus nodded at me to speak and gave me the words to say. I said “you and your demons will leave my daughter and my family alone in Jesus name. You have no legal rights over her!”. Then I said “do whatever Jesus tells you”. He was so enraged, like he couldn’t believe that I would even come there and speak to him. But he agreed because he has to. Then Jesus gave me nod, to say we were done, and we just calmly walked out. There was no fear, I felt perfectly calm and at peace with Jesus next to me. I would never go to a place like that without Him.

After this experience, my daughter asked me for prayer twice and started opening her heart to God, we talked about God, Angel’s, demons, spiritual discernment etc. She said she had been praying and asking Jesus to reveal Himself. But He hadn’t yet and I told her again that she needs to get her witchcraft stuff out of her room and she agreed to give it a go. She did get rid of her stuff, at least for a while… She still doesnt know Jesus, so please keep praying for her. She is 17 years old now. I know she will be saved one day, because Ive seen it in dreams and visions.

I googled amon and found websites saying he is one of the fallen angels commanded by Solomon and is a prince demon that rules over many legions of demons. He is also supposed to know the past and future and is possibly the same “god” as amon-ra, the egypt sun “god”. Him supposedly knowing the future links him to fortune-telling and my daughter had actually been using tarot cards. (She no longer uses tarot cards, thank God). I also found this: “He has the ability to reconcile friends who have become enemies as well as being able to secure the love of another to the one who summoned him.” This means friendship and love spells. I also found this in the britanica: “Amon, the “god” in egypt: Amon’s name meant the Hidden One, and his image was painted blue to denote invisibility.” He was blue in my vision and “hidden” makes sense, because how shocked he was that I saw him and the fact that I couldn’t find anything about him in christian demonology. After looking at pics of Egyptian gods, his clothes and jewelry looked Egyptian. He had a human head though, not animal head like the egypt pics. If you google Amon ra, you’ll see what I mean.

I also later found this scripture re Amon!: “I am the LORD All-Powerful, the God of Israel. Soon I will punish the god Amon of Thebes and the other Egyptian gods, the Egyptian kings, the people of Egypt, and everyone who trusts in the Egyptian power.” ~ Jeremiah 46:25

Update: I forgot to mention, I had a confirmation after this whole thing, where a friend of mine gave me a prophetic word with scripture about the “ammonites”. I think the ammonites may be descended from Amon. Just a theory. Please let me know if anyone knows about this, thank you.

Please let me know your thoughts, God bless!

7 thoughts on “Amon

  1. Praise the Lord, sister.
    Well, your dreams and visions tell me you’ll be here during the 3 1/2 tribulation period. Fighting demons and living/growing food in a community, proves to me that you will, imo.
    I’ve had similar dreams and visions, including a FEMA camp dream, where I was the only one left alive after all the other believers were shot.
    My 2 sons do not know Jesus yet, so we continue to pray for our families. It is all we can do for now.
    Blessings to you, and thanks for sharing…..


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    1. Hi Charlie, Im praying for your sons. wow, thank you for sharing your dream! Ill definitely be here during the tribulation, Ive had a few dreams about it. Whether I get raptured and come back or I stay here Im not sure, but in my dreams I get transformed and go help save people and fight demons. I have dreamed of going up a mountain also. Still putting the pieces together. God bless you brother


  2. Dear Sister in Christ,

    To answer your question, the Ammonites were descended from Ben-Ammi, the son of Lot, as is reported in Genesis 19:38.

    By the way, if you are able, please pray for me that I have discernment about where to move next, as I need to decide soon. I have had clear signs that God led me to the place I am renting now, but I have had some difficulties here. I feel through prayer and from some signs that God wants me to choose a particular place to rent next. None of my friends or family, however, seem to think that this is necessarily the best choice and I have one friend who is very adament that I should continue to look for other places since he says I probably won’t be comfortable at the place I feel I should choose.

    Also, by the way, what you reported in this post seems very strange to me from what I have experienced, but you are right that Jeremiah 46:25 does seem to mention a “god” of this name – and to be honest I have experienced some things that would seem strange to others.

    in Him,

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    1. Yes it is very strange indeed! Thanks so much for letting me know about the ammonites. I think it still could be a confirmation that she happened to tell me that though. Im definitely praying for you about where to live. God has guided me with choosing a house more than once, so Im sure He will guide you too. God bless!


    2. Love it yaaaahh!! Kicking butt w Jesus yessss!!!
      How did the deliverance come about eg while you slept, in the spiritual realm?
      I recently read about amon-ra. People say that’s where “amen” comes from.

      The ad at the bottom has 1440 in it haha

      New Beginnings ahead!

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      1. Wow 144! πŸ™Œ I have heard that about Amen, but I think it may just be a coincidence. I’ll pray on it though,thank you sis. I was fully awake and in my body when doing this in the spirit at the same time. A little hard to explain. I guess it’s similar to astral projection, but not what the new agers do. It’s like imagining something except it’s not me imagining it, it’s just happening and I’m seeing it in my imagination. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–


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