Ark of covenant vision

2019 May 21 Ark of covenant vision


As I fell asleep watching Ron Wyatt videos on his discovery of the ark, I went into a vision and saw the ark! It looked just as Ron described and I saw it at the same angle as his blurry photo of it. But in my vision I saw it clearly, like I was actually there. It’s beautiful, pure gold shined and glowed. Gods presence was on it and surrounding it, so thick, and felt so intense with pure Holiness. It was so pure that I felt completely unworthy to be in the presence of it. It was actually painful. I knew the only reason I was still alive in the face of it, in the face of God, is because of Jesus blood covering me.

I get claustrophobia and with in being in a cave underground, I felt claustrophobic. I felt like leaving and kept trying to get out of the vision, but the angels kept telling me its ok and I should stay and see this. Ron was in this vision too, but he couldn’t see me. I must have been looking at the past, when he was there. The angels made sure he had Jesus blood sample and they also gave him one of their feathers. It was pure white. They dipped the feather in some liquid golden oil, then it glowed with a golden glow. Ron took the feather. End of vision.


Ron didn’t actually mention a feather in His videos. Whether it was a physical feather or a spiritual one, I’m not sure. It could signify an anointing of some kind, that he received. I really don’t know.


I highly recommend watching his videos. Ron Wyatt discovered Noahs ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, the red sea crossing among other things. He found Jesus crucifixion site above the ark. Jesus blood had dropped down onto the mercy seat of the ark below. He got a sample of Jesus blood. They were able to take a chromosome count, something that is only possible with blood that is alive! It had 24 chromosomes from the mother, and only one from the Father, a Y chromosome which made him male. They said the Father is not human. I believe he is telling the truth, he has a genuine humble spirit that you see in His videos. There’s much more to the story so go check it out. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Ark of covenant vision

  1. Oh boy. You post your dream of a sign in the heavens that I relate with, then you post this about the Arc?!

    Okay, this is it’s not a coincidence.

    What Ron Wyatt located will be brought forth soon.

    I visited the little Ron Wyatt Museum last year and have watched many videos of Ron giving presentations. Ron tells a bit more in each of his presentations, based on questions the audience asks him. Only when asked does he offer information.

    My understanding of what Ron found and the coming events began when reading the book of Hebrews back in 2012. It struck me that His blood must be upon the altar. His blood is very important in the later chapters of Hebrews. But, no one could or would apply His blood to the Altar, but how was it applied?

    So, back in 2012 I began searching scriptures to confirm what I believed to be required and search out other sources.

    In my search of “Ark” all I saw was Noah’s. On YouTube , I saw Ron Wyatt’s Noah’s Ark videos. But during my first search I didn’t see any posts of the Ark of the Covenant.

    Months later….I decided to search again and found Ron’s video on locating the Ark of the Covenant. 😃

    I then wrote an article on this topic.

    What your recent dream of a sign in the heavens and now this one about the Ark of the Covenant tells me ~ confirms for me ~ the events I’ve been waiting for since 2012 are about to unfold.

    I believe the order of events are as follows:

    A) NYC (Great City of Revelation with its Statue of Liberty ~ Ishtar, and the World Trade Center of the World) is effectively destroyed. The US stock market, bond market, insurance market, and commodities market are crushed. US economic health can’t recover from this blow and other worldwide economic, political changes occur rapidly. The UN must move out of NYC and US. They select a new leader.

    B) The Son of Perdition is revealed very soon after the NYC event. I’m thinking this Son of Perdition person is a modern day Nimrod (Orion). A leader given authority with his bow (Orion). I believe he is the one who won the Nobel Peace Prize, riding out to conquer. He is chosen to lead the UN.

    C) The Ark of the Covenant is brought forth from its safely hidden underground location with an earthquake. This earthquake reveals an opening so that the Ark is easily removed ~ just as Ron Wyatt said it can be.

    This is the time when the Virgins awaken (Matthew 25:1-10). His return would be soon thereafter.

    So, what you’ve posted has given me encouragement, because I’ve been waiting since some personal events over the years of 2010 to 2012.

    Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you in Jesus’ name.

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment! I replied to you on Facebook as well. 🙂
      I’ve been watching lots of Rons videos, and you’re right there are bits of info to be found in each one. Have you seen the more recent videos of his sons going back there and talking about the dig?
      God bless


  2. Amazing sis!! Is this the vid where he feels a heaviness weigh him down in the proximity of the ark? I think it is as I clearly recall the blood dripping down thru the ground onto the ark so it must be the same touched and astounded me! So much so that I wept, even in my lukewarm compromised lifestyle at that time. I must watch it with my boys.

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    1. I went to watching his story, there are so many signs that he is genuinely telling the truth. The way God led him to his discoveries is exactly how I know God to be and it all makes sense. I dont know which video it is. I watched a lot of them. It’s worthwhile watching the different ones because there are different bits of info to be found on each one.


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