School Volcano Train Rapture

22 Oct 2020 Dream:

I was at some kind of school, kind of like a boarding school, where the students would learn in their rooms with zoom classes. I was in a room with another girl. The teacher was mad at me because I was doing all the work quickly and asking to hop off and take my break early. 

2 other people, boys, moved into our room, teachers orders. One of the boys was named “Justin”. I was trying to sort 2 rooms worth of our stuff into one room. Weirdly, we had to share 2 double beds. It was totally plutonic. The room had a name: “brambles”.

Anyway, the next day I was walking with a different boy who was my best friend in the dream. We were holding hands, hugging, I loved him and felt very safe with him, I trusted him. (I felt total peace and joy throughout this whole dream.) Then there was a traffic jam in the corridors, everyone was getting mad. I ran ahead and flew over them to see what was happening. The teachers were mad at me for running ahead. Up ahead there was a wide road with about 10 lanes wide and a car in each lane at stop lights. The lights were off, like there was a power cut. The cars were abandoned. I started moving the cars out of the way. It was easy, like moving toy cars. The teachers kept shouting at me to leave it alone. Anyway I got the traffic flowing again, including the traffic of students in the school.

Then there were volcano’s starting to erupt. The school was in between the volcanoes and the beach. On the beach was a train. Everyone had to evacuate onto the train. I made it on and helped lots of others onto the train. The teachers were really angry with me still, even though I was saving so many lives, they were mad I didn’t go by their rules. The train left and flew over the ocean. End 

My Interpretation:

I believe the school is this world and the teachers are the governments of this world. The government’s, especially now, are making stupid illogical rules to take power and control over us and stop us from moving or living normally, and this will get even worse.

Meaning of brambles: I found a few scriptures about brambles and they seem to represent the punishment for this world, for mankind in general who aren’t saved. This makes sense as the school represents this world. This world doesn’t produce any good fruit. Luke 6:44: For each tree is known by its own fruit. For people don’t gather figs from thorns, nor do they gather grapes from a bramble bush.

Me finishing my work quickly and taking an early break is because I am one of the firstfruits, and will make the first rapture.

I think that getting double of everything was a reward that God gives to the righteous, like He gave double to Job. It is also God giving us justice for everything that was stolen from us. God gave double portions to firstborns and those who were special to Him. Elisha also recieved a double annointing.

The beds are symbolic of rest.

Justin meaning: Justin is an anglicized form of the Latin given name Justinus, a derivative of Justus, meaning “just”, “fair”, or “righteous”. Justice! I think this part of the dream was about the reward, getting justice, receiving back double of everything that’s been taken from us.

The best friend in the dream represents Jesus, who is my best friend irl, who gives me peace and joy.

The traffic Jam and power cut I think represents the coming lockdown which will be worse than anything we’ve had yet. People will be told it is temporary but will be like prisoners, unable to move or get out anywhere. We are incredibly dependant on electricity to live and the power cut will cause chaos. Satan entraps people on a spiritual level also trying to stop them from making the rapture.

I seemed to have superhuman strength and could fly when I flew over the people and moved the cars, meaning I had my transformed body at that point. Ive had many dreams of saving people during tribulation, in my transformed body.

The volcanoes could be literal, there’s been quite a few words about volcanoes given people and warnings about the increase in seismic activity.

The train represents the rapture! I’ve had a few dreams confirming this and others have too. The ocean that the train flies over is like the red sea of the exodus. Our escape!

See also this dream I had with Power cuts:

We need to prepare now for the coming powercuts. Have a gas stove or bbq set up for cooking. Keep your cars gas tank full. Prepare food and water, first aid kit, candles, flashlights, batteries etc. If it turns out we dont need it, it will be helpful for the left behind.

Let me know your thoughts, God bless ๐Ÿ™‚

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4 thoughts on “School Volcano Train Rapture

  1. So the dream points to us already being transformed when the permanent lock down happens!

    I’v been receiving 1014 for recompense lately! For the righteous and the wicked

    It’s coming soon!
    Thanks sis ๐Ÿ˜˜

    Liked by 1 person

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