2020 Nov 24 Dejavu 

I was just walking into my kitchen and had a huge dejavu moment and had a vision of the books of my life in heaven and I was inside a book at the same time. It was large book nearly as big as me, its center at my heart. I concentrated to see what happens next for me and the pages flipped quickly and stopped at my near future. I saw that the next thing that happens is that I get a house and I’m on the right track! I dont know exactly when, but its coming. As Ive said before, houses can represent our body, so this could have been symbolic for the transformation. (I am currently looking to buy a house soon too as I have to move out of my home by february.)

These books are real and mentioned in the bible. The new agers call it akashic records. I wonder if we get to see the books with the plan for our life before we are born here, and if dejavu is when we remember that. Or maybe dejavu is just when we get a glimpse of our book. I’m not sure.

I have heard other prophets mention a library in heaven where you can look into the books of someones life to get a prophetic word. I would only attempt to do this if Jesus told me which part to look at. I dont want to be nosy and only He knows what the person needs to hear.

You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed. – Psalm 139:16 NLT

25 Nov: I had a second dejavu as I was reading a book about how God sees the future. Then I went into a vision and was sitting next to Father God in heaven and He was looking at the whole timeline of the earth all at once. It was like a timeline and books at the same time, hard to describe. I saw bright light and the angels singing and praising God at the start and at the end of the timeline. It was awesome! I saw the middle too but it flashed by so fast with only some highlights of key bible moments, past and future. I can’t even remember one specific thing, so can’t go into any detail on it. This is how God knows the future and how prophets can see the future also and prophecy. I am truly blessed to have glimpsed this and I hope I get to see more of it in future and grow my prophetic gifting. I will try this next time I do prophetic words. Praise God! He is amazing!

See also: my previous vision where I saw the timeline of my life.

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