Smash the devils lies


This happened in June 2018 and the Lord wants me to share it now for someone out there:
I was struggling and just needed to see His face. Usually I can see His face. But Often when Im really struggling with stuff is when I lose touch with Him. When I need Him the most. The spiritual attacks are relentless. you know, like when you get a bunch of problems all happen at once and its overwhelming. I often get high anxiety depression and start questioning if God is even there or if He cares about me. I know it isnt logical. Ive been through enough to KNOW He loves me and He is always there. But Im not feeling it, you know? Because my mind, my soul, doesnt comprehend. Its like a wall between us in my mind when I try to see Him. I know that if you ask the right questions, you will get the answer. I asked how can I break through this? He answered: smash the lies. The “wall” is made of lies. When we are down the demons lie to us and we buy into the lies when we are weak and not thinking straight. The lies such as: God doesnt love you, God wont answer your prayer, you deserve this problem because your not good enough, blah blah etc. So I stood up and rebuked them and smashed that wall, in my mind. I shouted out the truth! “God loves me, He is always here with me. I can conquer this problem even if I don’t know how, there is a way through. All things are possible with God!” And I ran through the wall and there He was. He was smiling, real happy and ran to me and hugged me. He said “that’s my girl”. His exact words. I knew He was expecting me. He knew I could do it. At the time it didnt seem amazing, it seemed natural, like coming home. I went straight to sleep and I forgot about it. But actually it is amazing and He reminded me today. When you feel like its too hard to connect with God, when it feels like He is so far away, just remember, He is right there next to you, waiting for you to remember. I hope this encoraged somebody. God bless

2 thoughts on “Smash the devils lies

  1. Satan is the prince of lies. It took me a long time to realize just how much he does lie. I used to believe his lies. I used to tremble at the thought of ever being accepted. And if I continued to listen to his lied, I never tried anything. But no more. I don’t pretend to even begin to believe I have overcame his lies. Because I’m human and I know when I am really down, I might fall for them again. But soon I realize how very much he is a Deceiver and I focus on Jesus. And all becomes better. Just like tonight I was uploading two videos. One was Romans chapter 6. No matter what I did it just wouldn’t upload. The Boise wouldn’t work. I had to do it several times. Finally it worked. Second video I wanted to sing but I hate my voice… so satan snuck in to say ppl would laugh at me. Nothing I did, could I find a song to go with my voice, finally I found one. You raise me up. And I managed to upload it, with attitude that if ppl laugh at me oh well. I was singing it for God not for them.
    Anyways Mel. What I’m trying to say., is we all have off days. But you’re mostly on and you are a blessing to me and I adore you sweet lady. I love you too. God bless youb

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    1. Love you too sis! I know what you mean, I go through intense anxiety when recording and posting my videos. But for me its intense fear that my inlaws might see it or my husband and they would persecute me for it. The worst fear is that they will think I’m crazy and take my children away from me. But theyve tried that a couple times before and God stepped in and protected us, so I have to remember that and choose to trust God. But the battle is real. I have off days most days trust me, I only post the highlights and the breakthroughs because I want to encourage and not bring anyone down with my despair. I’ll go watch your video 🙂 💖


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