Baby Rosy 144k

baby in white onesie
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I’ve dreamed about baby “Rosy” before, see here. She represents the manchild in Revelation.

2020 July 14:

I was at baby rosie’s house, her babysitter was taking her out on a trip very suddenly. They left so suddenly, I ran outside and jumped in the car as it was speeding away. I put Rosie’s seatbelt on and shut the car doors while it was driving. (Rapture?) We stopped at an old school. Then I got to hold baby rosy and I felt so honored and loved her so much and I was helping teach her about taking care of other babies. Then we went back to her house and she was taking care of other babies who were orphans. The orphan babies were wondering around on the road and rosy was going to get them one by one and bring them back to safety.

Rosy represents the 144k firstfruits, named after the rose of sharon. The car speeding off is the rapture. The school is the training place, not a place of rest. The orphans are the left behind. The 144k will come back after rapture to help the left behind and take them to the safe havens. I’ve had a few dreams with orphan children representing the left behind.

Later in the dream I also saw glowing light come out of my hands and I could make it come out at will, with the Holy Spirit. I tried it a few times so I could remember how to do it after I woke up. It felt so real, I wanted to test it out, but couldn’t do it after waking up.

I’ve had another dream also where I could make light come out of my hands, and my whole body glowed. It was during a lockdown in my dream, and so I believe our transformation will happen before this lockdown is over.

The day after this dream I was helping my daughter study about light for home school and we were watching a video about it. They said on the video that humans are bioluminescent, but our glow is so faint we can’t see it. This was definitely a confirmation.

Those who are wise shall shine
Like the brightness of the firmament,
And those who turn many to righteousness
Like the stars forever and ever.  ~ Daniel 12:3

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