False Jesus/antichrist dream

9 oct 2018 False Jesus/antichrist dream

I was at a hotel with my husband, my children and my inlaws. I think we were in Jerusalem. There were lots of jews walking around. I knew we were there for some important religious thing. (Note: My inlaws are jehovah witnesses). There seemed to be a lot of people there getting ready for something big. There was a feeling of an ominous impending event.
My mother in law came in the door and said “these are for you”. She handed me these parcels which were gifts, one for me and one for each of my children. (I can’t remember what we got, but we were happy to get them). I said “who are they from?” And she didn’t know, they were on the doorstep when she came in. ( Maybe these were representing Holy Spirit gifts…from God!)
I remember there were people there scamming people. I tried to warn them. I told them we don’t have much time left and we have to get right with Jesus asap. They wouldn’t listen. They loved scamming too much to quit.
I was really worried about all these people who didn’t know Jesus and were not prepared. I felt such urgency and looked out the window at storm clouds looming, it was like the quiet before a storm. I looked up to see if Jesus was coming. There was a HUGE flash of light, lighting up the whole sky. It cracked like thunder. I thought it was the rapture. I felt afraid and closed my eyes, expecting to be in heaven when I opened them. I wasn’t. I was confused. Everyone was freaking out and running around praying and repenting. Some people were baptising each other. I told them that’s not going to make much difference, because their intentions were self serving. But they wouldn’t listen.
I prayed and said “where are you Lord, was that you?”. I went outside to look for Him. I saw what looked like Jesus. A shining white man, like a ghost. Only some people could see him. He was talking to each of them and holding their hand reassuringly. I called out and ran towards him but he ignored me and walked away. I was a little confused at this point because he looked like Jesus but was not the Jesus that I know.
He disappeared, walking towards the city centre which was elevated on a hill. This may have been the temple mount, I’m not sure. In the centre of it was a cloud with shining light coming out, different colors. A purple mist was emanating out of it throughout the city. (It reminds me of Gods glory on mount sinai where moses went up to see God). All the people were in utter awe. I was too, it was overwhelming the beauty and awe of it all, it sent me into tears. I felt like running back to tell my husband/inlaws to come see. But as amazing as it was, it felt strange and a little frightening. So out of curiosity I went for a closer look. People were fainting and on there knees. I heard beyonce singing! She was singing the halo song, except the words were changed. The part where she says “I can see your halo” was changed to “you’re an angel”. She was singing to the false Jesus.

End of dream.

After I woke up I realised this must have been the antichrist. It makes sense that Beyonce was singing that he was an angel, because the jw’s were there and they believe jesus is an angel. JWs are totally going be fooled into the one world religion that is coming under the antichrist.

Beyonce – Halo:


The lord gave me Psalm 48 for this dream. Here is commentary I found online:


Psalm 48: A good example of the Songs of Zion, the psalm describes the glory of the city of Jerusalem which has been delivered by God from her enemies. The city of God is praised (verse 1-3), and her attackers are defeated (verses 4-8). Therefore, her people praise the Lord for His loving-kindness (verses 9-14).
Verses 1-14: In Psalm 48 it often appears that Zion itself is the object of praise. While referring to Zion, this hymn of confidence (compare Psalms 46, 47), contains several checks and balances showing that it is ultimately God, who dwells in Zion, who is to be praised. (Source)

This scripture fits with the dream and is also a confirmation that it was Jerusalem in the dream. Most of the jews idolise the temple wall and other Holy sites instead of God Himself. JWs idolise their church instead of God Himself. They dont know God personally. Anyone who falls for the fake Jesus/antichrist will be those who don’t know God personally. This scripture is also a shadow of things to come. The enemies of God and His true church will be defeated. The enemies being antichrist and his army of followers. Thank you Lord!

There was a meteor storm the same time as this dream!!! It was called the “draconid” meteors. They peaked 8th and experts saw an “Outburst” of meteors when they did not expect one at all! (I’m on Australia time so it was the 9th here). I had a previous dream about the draco constellation here.

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