Hi friends and family in Christ,

Please pray for me and my children. I have 4 weeks left until I have to move out of my home. Please pray that God gives us a new home to live in, we need a miracle. We need 5 bedrooms (big family). I won’t go into details, but I really don’t know how we are going to do this. I’m choosing to trust God to provide and fulfill His promise to me somehow, as He promised me a home. He is faithful. 🙏

Please comment your prayer requests below and I’ll pray for you too and we can all pray for each other. God bless you all

Dreams of a 2nd Earth /moon/sun

I have had a series of dreams across years that have a second earth, and/or moon and/or sun that were getting closer and closer to us as time went by. I also have a theory about what it means which seems to have been confirmed by the most recent dream. Maybe you guys can help me make sense of it. Ive put it all together here:

9 Jan 2016 Dream: I saw what I thought was the moon. I noticed it was too small to be the moon then I noticed the bright light shining from the actual moon. Then I was trying to take a picture but I couldn’t get my phone to work properly.

Jan 2016, (don’t have exact day but it was sometime between the 11th and the 27th Jan). Dream: I saw two crescent moons, two suns and another Earth. The 2nd moon/sun/earth were smaller than the regular ones, at least from my viewpoint. The 2nd moon was slightly bigger than previous dream.

29 Jun 2018 Dream: Everything was red, like looking through a red filter. It was thick red light coming from outside. I went outside and there was a blood red full moon. Next to it to the left was a smaller blood moon. I was videoing it with my phone in the dream.

10 Aug 2018: I had a clear vision as I woke up. 2 blood moons, one was full and one was crescent. They were the same size. I asked for the meaning and fell back asleep and had a quick dream: in the dream I was sorting some kind of vials of red/orange stuff.

2020 Sep 29 Dream: I was looking up through the clouds and I saw another earth, but it was upside down and it was in the past. I saw the continent of India being joined to Eurasia, which is something that happened way back in the past. I dont think it was millions of years ago though like they say. It might be 6000 years ago when God created seperated land and sea, or could have happened during the flood, Im not sure. (I went on to dream about the IT clown, which could be pointing to halloween?).


2020 Oct 7 Dream:

I dreamed of a huge planet in the sky again and again it looked like earth except it looked like a map of the earth with usa clearly in front of me. It was huge, covering the whole sky and blocking the sun. As I looked up at it someone said “naruto”, they were calling it naruto.

Then UFOs came down from the planet and aliens who put on human skins to look like us and they were taking over the world, and I was trying to warn people and save people from them. They were enslaving humans.

Naruto meaning: I did think of the cartoon called naruto but I knew that’s not what was meant and I looked up the meaning. It means Maelstrom. Maelstrom meaning: a powerful whirlpool in the sea or a river, or: a situation or state of confused movement or violent turmoil. The second meaning fits.

2020 Nov 22 I dreamed again of a second earth. This time it was closer and came all the way over and through this earth until they joined as one, then everything went dark, like the 3 days of darkness started at that moment, but it was still light enough to see but the sun and moon was gone. The sky was like a orangey red color and grey like it was overcast. I was also moving house in the middle of this, which could mean transformation! My children were moving house with me but not my husband because he couldn’t or wouldn’t pack and get organized in time. I was trying to explain to my husband what was happening. I said to him that when the earth’s line up we are at the end of time and I drew a diagram of it. This has actually been a theory of mine for a while now, so I don’t know for sure if this was from God or from my own mind. I will await confirmation.

It makes sense if my theory is correct. I have a theory that we are in a timeline loop of 6 or 7000 years, like a circle and so when the earth is nearing the end, I am seeing the start of the timeline, if that makes sense. This could be what nibiru actually is about. Please tell me if you have any ideas about the meaning of these dreams. thank you!

Here is a very basic diagram like the one I drew in my dream:

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Obama Dream

This is the 3rd dream Ive had of Obama. He is someone I rarely think about but God is showing me these dreams for a reason.

2020 Dec 4 Dream: I was a child in a classroom at school. The teacher was Obama. All the kids liked him. But then, horns grew out of his head and the kids started gasping and whispering to each other. They were saying is this some halloween trick? Obama was cooking up something to share with the children. He had a big cauldron and while he was stirring it, his horns grew. I quietly prayed against it so his potion failed and burned. Obama looked at me with an angry look. Afterwards, his horns disappeared and the children were telling their parents who didn’t believe them. Obama came after me after class but I got away from him. end.

My first Obama dream

My second Obama dream

What do you guys think? Is Obama the antichrist? Or just someone who is possessed?

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2020 Nov 24 Dejavu 

I was just walking into my kitchen and had a huge dejavu moment and had a vision of the books of my life in heaven and I was inside a book at the same time. It was large book nearly as big as me, its center at my heart. I concentrated to see what happens next for me and the pages flipped quickly and stopped at my near future. I saw that the next thing that happens is that I get a house and I’m on the right track! I dont know exactly when, but its coming. As Ive said before, houses can represent our body, so this could have been symbolic for the transformation. (I am currently looking to buy a house soon too as I have to move out of my home by february.)

These books are real and mentioned in the bible. The new agers call it akashic records. I wonder if we get to see the books with the plan for our life before we are born here, and if dejavu is when we remember that. Or maybe dejavu is just when we get a glimpse of our book. I’m not sure.

I have heard other prophets mention a library in heaven where you can look into the books of someones life to get a prophetic word. I would only attempt to do this if Jesus told me which part to look at. I dont want to be nosy and only He knows what the person needs to hear.

You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed. – Psalm 139:16 NLT

25 Nov: I had a second dejavu as I was reading a book about how God sees the future. Then I went into a vision and was sitting next to Father God in heaven and He was looking at the whole timeline of the earth all at once. It was like a timeline and books at the same time, hard to describe. I saw bright light and the angels singing and praising God at the start and at the end of the timeline. It was awesome! I saw the middle too but it flashed by so fast with only some highlights of key bible moments, past and future. I can’t even remember one specific thing, so can’t go into any detail on it. This is how God knows the future and how prophets can see the future also and prophecy. I am truly blessed to have glimpsed this and I hope I get to see more of it in future and grow my prophetic gifting. I will try this next time I do prophetic words. Praise God! He is amazing!

See also: my previous vision where I saw the timeline of my life.

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Trump and Biden

2020 Nov 10 Dream/Vision (Not sure if I was awake or asleep seeing this):

I saw trump and biden riding dragons, working together to reassure the crowds, each working with their half of the crowd and they were winking at each other. The crowds were like two oceans with waves coming against each other. They called out a number with 33 like it was important to them.

I know 33 relates to freemasons, which they both probably are imho. Many, if not all presidents throughout USA history were freemasons. The highest degree or position in freemasonry is 33.

I heard and saw the number 33 a few times that day before and after the dream/vision which confirms it.

All together it is believed that about nine of the fifty-six men that signed the Declaration of Independence were masons, and about thirteen of the thirty-nine that signed the US Constitutions were also masons. Maybe all of them were masons, who knows? They are secretive, so we dont know. Many government buildings were built by them and have occultic measurements and symbology. I cant say for sure if trump is a freemason, but his mentor was a 33 degree mason so I wouldnt be suprised.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts on the meaning. Thank you!

See also: The Hegelian Dialectic

See also: Order out of chaos

Scripture: Then the angel said to me, “The waters you saw, where the prostitute sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages. – Rev 17:15

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Rib Coin 26

Image by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay

2020 Sep 14 Dream:

I was picking up my daughter from an art school and then driving home. We saw a couple of her friends doing art on the side of the road and picked them up too. They were all drinking coffee which was free from the school. Then we stopped at a cafe. My daughter said mum, can you buy 3 coffees. I said fine and I went up and ordered 3 coffees. I looked for coins in my purse to pay.

Amongst my coins there was a rib shaped coin. It was an Israeli coin with hebrew words on it on both sides. I tried to find out what year it was made. There were numbers that ended in 26. I dont remember the other numers, just the 26 which stood out to me.

I looked up the meaning of 26 and found this:

God made Eve from Adams rib (Genesis 2:21 – 23). He took Eve out of Adam. If we subtract the value of Eve’s name (19) from Adam’s (45), we get: 26!

Also 26 in strongs greek is agape / love.

The bible also calls Jesus the second Adam. Adams bride came from his side and Jesus bride also came from His side, when He was pierced for our trangressions.

Maybe the 3 coffees were a sign to wake up about who we really are in Christ. My daughter and her friends are unsaved, so they need to wake up. (Please pray for her to know Jesus! She is 16. thank you!)

If you have any other ideas what this dream could mean, please let me know. God bless

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Birth Eclipse Obama

2020 Aug 3


There were pregnant women full term and someone had a device, like a pen with a stamp on the end. They were stamping the women on their lower tummy, womb area. The stamp did something to make their babies get born in 2 seconds. Then they were taking the babies. I felt like it was a good thing.

My interpretation: I think the person may have been an angel, sealing the babies for rapture and then rapturing them. The rev 12 woman comes to mind as well. There is a scripture about a rapid birth in Isaiah 66:

7  “Before she was in labor, she gave birth; Before her pain came, She delivered a male child. 8  Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things? Shall the earth be made to give birth in one day? Or shall a nation be born at once? For as soon as Zion was in labor, She gave birth to her children.

The rev 12 woman I believe represents the bride of Christ, the church. She goes through labor after birth. I believe the 144k are her baby who are birthed and caught, then the left behind church goes through tribulation (labor). The 144k get sealed, which fits in with my dream. Well this is my take on it, you can take it to the Lord.

Next scene: I was looking after an orphan girl, again. I left her in the room to sleep, then went into another room of someone I know who is lukewarm. The news was on and it was playing on a projector onto the walls. It was showing a solar eclipse with the sun, full moon and a black circle as well, like the picture above. I said to the lukewarm person to look at this and he wouldn’t listen. I started warning him and pleading with him and crying, begging him to listen, because I knew the fallen angels were coming down. I started seeing their shadows from outside the window. (It was nighttime). Then they started coming into the room, like shadow men and creatures. He was still looking at his phone and not paying any attention. I sensed a boss demon directing the others and sensed its power. It came up behind me to my right and gave me a fright. It looked like Obama but it was a demon. It may have been a clone, a shapeshifter or Obamas actual body possessed with the demon. His eyes were black and his eyes were also glowing at the same time. It spoke to me in a really deep demonic voice. I can’t remember what it said. The closest thing I know of to describe the deepness of his voice, was the voice of the bad Egyptian/alien on the movie stargate. It seemed very real and I woke up with a fright.

See previous dream about obama.

Like other dreams I’ve had lately, this shows rapture of innocents and or firstfruits comes first, then tribulation, then the sun and moon going dark, and once again I’m looking after an orphan during trib, which symbolizes the left behind. I think when I left her in the room to sleep, I was taking her to Gods secret place of rest and safety, a goshen, where the rev 12 woman is kept safe from the trib.

2020 Aug 24: I had confirmation in another Dream. I saw a pregnant woman who went to see her new home and soon as she got there her pregnancy grew rapidly and she gave birth in seconds and caught her baby just in time before she hit the ground. The baby girl then grew rapidly to about 10 ~ 12 years old within minutes. The babies name was Rose or rosy. I believe this was about the Revelation 12 woman. Please see my previous dreams about baby Rosy here.

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Jesus, the Lamb

2020 Nov 18

Vision: I was with Jesus, and I saw a lamb run up to us. I’m a sucker for cute animals and I patted it and held it lovingly. The lamb had a red ribbon tied in a bow around its neck. When I realised what this meant, I cried. I said “I wish you didn’t have to die”. He said gently “I chose to, because I love you”. By “you”, He meant all of us. 

He gave me a red ribbon and a pen. He said “write on this all of your sins, all of your hurts, your infirmities, your problems and curses”. I took a while going through my life and everything I’ve done wrong and suffered. It really took a while, I’m far from perfect! I cried while doing this and said sorry and repented for everything. I have already repented before many times, but I asked Him if I’ve missed anything and He brought up memories of stuff, so I wrote down everything I thought of and wrote at the end “and everything else…”. I also wrote down all my infirmities and problems I’m struggling with in my life. I wrote down my children’s stuff too on their behalf.

Then He got me to tie it onto the lamb. He said “I’m taking all this away from you and you are free of it”. The lamb died and disappeared into Him, because He is the lamb. His hands bled out. I said “thank you!” and He hugged me.


Jesus is the lamb who takes away our sin. Before Jesus died, Israel used to have a scapegoat to carry away their sins on Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement every year. The priest would confess the nation’s sins over the goat and also tie a red cloth or string to the goat and let it go into the wilderness. God would turn the cloth/string white to indicate the sins were forgiven. After Jesus died the cloth would not turn white anymore for the Jews. That’s because Jesus has replaced the scapegoat.


The scapegoat ritual: Leviticus 16:1-34

“Come now, and let us reason together,” Says the LORD, “Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, They shall be as wool.”  Isaiah 1:18

The next day he saw Jesus coming toward him, and said, “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world! John 1:29

Saying with a loud voice, “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing!” Rev 5:12

This was to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet Isaiah: “He took up our infirmities and bore our diseases.” Matthew 8:17

Ps. To all those waiting for words, I’m still working on it, please be patient. It’s actually quite difficult for me to get into the spirit with the Lord as my life is chaotic and busy (I have 4 children and homeschool 2 of them!). Also my state has just gone into full lockdown as of midnight last night. So I am home with my family for next 6 days at least. I do my best to find a quiet moment when I can ask God for words for people. Please do ask me if you need one though and I’ll add your name to the list and I will do them ASAP. Trust me God LOVES you and most likely has a word for you. God bless! 

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Bill G@tes, G00gle, v@x

2020 July 31

I know this dream is a bit old. I didnt share straight away because there was a part at the end which I didnt fully understand and I’ve been quite busy. But God has put it on my heart to share the dream and just leave the last part out as it’s not relevant.


My second youngest child was going on a weekend long school trip, but somehow they were taking them without my permission. It was on a futuristic looking aeroplane. I ran to get a ticket and jump on with only the clothes on my back. I had left my youngest at school so rang my older child to pick her up and look after her. (I actually homeschool in real life). 

On the plane (might have been a space ship actually), the kids and I were seated like how an army plane has seats with the seats sideways facing each other. The trip was fully funded by “G00gle”. The teachers/nurses were evil and they were giving us special vitamin gummies to prepare us for the v@ccination coming later. There were 3 different gummies. One of them was vitamin K, (which in real life is an injection given to newborns.) I can’t remember what the other ones were. They tasted disgusting but were shaped like teddy bears and lolly shapes. Some kids were spitting them out. Somehow they thought I was a child too and treated me like one. I felt like I was undercover. Then they went around and asked each child if they would agree to the v@ccination. The ones that said yes got a purple mark. The ones that said no got a red mark. I knew in my spirit the red mark meant they were marked for blood sacrifice. Purple means royalty which is how they considered those with the mark of the beast. We arrived at the place which was run by bill g@tes. It was completely off the map and up above the clouds. Once off the plane, I tried to turn on my gps and find out where we were and get home. There was no signal, no location but a map of the area came up. There was no way back except in the plane after the weekend trip was over. Inside the main centre of the place it was like a museum with very modern technology. There were 2 humpback whales in a large aquarium. But it was cruel because it wasn’t big enough for them, they could hardly turn around in it, let alone swim. 

There were lots of cool exhibits about space and computers also. I could tell they were trying to impress the kids so they would trust Bill G@tes and get the v@ccine.

Then Jesus taught me a tune which would be my way out. I had to type the tune into a computer, like a code to hack the system and get out. The rest of dream Ill leave out.

My interpretation:

In real life, they are really passing new laws that say that they can take our children straight from school into quarantine without parents permission and some schools have permission to give the kids injections too. I think they might tell the kids it’s a school trip or entertain them somehow to keep them cooperative, and also try to brainwash them. They already brainwash children in schools. This is why I homeschool now and highly recommend you do the same. I had another dream of them taking the children from schools here.

I think the vitamin gummies represent all the v@ccines etc that they give kids from birth onwards to weaken their immune systems in preparation for the mark of the beast v@ccine. I remember learning about the harm of unnecessary vitamin k shots that they give to newborns after I had my first baby. (Disclaimer: Im not a doctor, so do your own research).

They do plan to kill everyone who doesn’t take the mark of the beast, which explains the blood sacrifice part. But I do believe the children will be raptured before the mark is enforced.

People with the mark will become physically enhanced as their dna changes and will become part of satans counterfeit “royal” army, to fight against Gods true royal army in the final battle. 

The whales could have something to do with the sign of Jonah, I’m not sure.

The tune I learned could have been symbolic for the song that only the 144k know. They are the ones counted worthy to escape the tribulation. I dont know if I can share the tune, so I wont.

They sang as it were a new song before the throne, before the four living creatures, and the elders; and no one could learn that song except the hundred and forty-four thousand who were redeemed from the earth. ~ Rev 14:3

I prayed for confirmation on sep 10, and the Lord gave me confirmation again of the rapture of the children, so please don’t be afraid of this. He gave me Amos 3:12 which says: …So shall the children of Israel be taken out…

It could be that these children represent lost souls like in my previous dreams about orphans.

Let me know if you have any more thoughts about the meaning, thank you!

God bless!

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Dressed for Battle

2020 Nov 13

Dream: I was in a vast army, divided into sections. We were wearing full silver armor. I heard the army leader shouting from the distance. He was reading from a large scroll. He shouted:

“Victoria, dressed for battle.”

I knew he was talking about the section I was in. I and everyone in my section were happy that we were deemed “ready” but wondering why the others were not.

Victoria meaning: Victoria is the Latin word for ‘victory’ and is used as the feminine form corresponding to the name Victor.

The firstfruits/remnant of Gods army is ready for battle! This is a battle we are going to win! Jesus already won! It reminds me of Gideon’s Army. It was a large army to begin with and God cut it down to only 300 men who were ready for battle.

(See also: my friends son had a dream about Gideon recently!)

I got another word while thinking about this. It was the army captain shouting again from the distance, addressing my section: Get ready! On your Mark’s, get set…

We all know the next word is go. I felt such anticipation, excitement from the army around me. Get ready everyone!

God also gave me Psalm 93 as a confirmation. It says how the Lord is dressed and ready for battle!

Psalm 93:

93 The Lord reigns.

He is robed in majesty.

The Lord is robed;

he wears strength around his waist.

Indeed, the world is established; it cannot be moved.

2 Your throne has been secure from ancient times;

you have always been king.

3 The waves roar, O Lord,

the waves roar,

the waves roar and crash.

4 Above the sound of the surging water,

and the mighty waves of the sea,

the Lord sits enthroned in majesty.

5 The rules you set down are completely reliable.

Holiness aptly adorns your house, O Lord, forever.

Get your armor ready:

“Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all to stand. Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace; above all, taking the shield of faith which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints …” (Ephesians 6:13-18)

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No problem is too small for Him

2020 Nov 7

Dream: I was moving house to a nice new home up on a hill. I had a sense that we were running out of time. I knew there was a flood or tsunami coming. I ended up leaving a lot of things behind and left. Up at the new house I saw the sky change from day to night. The stars were twinkling and moving. Then I was on a beach and the water had turned to bubbles. (Tsunami coming?) 

Next scene: there were men running and shooting each other. White men and black men (African american). I think this was riots in america. I was trying to help a black man that was shot. I had a knowing that Jesus was coming to heal people and He was on His way down from heaven.

Next scene: I was in the back of a truck with some other people and Jesus, traveling to the place where people were being shot. He had humble clothes on and a hood so people wouldn’t recognize Him. The people in the car and I knew who He was. There was a man sitting between me and Jesus and he somehow burnt his finger. I nudged him and said “why don’t you ask Jesus to heal it?” He said “no, I don’t want to bother Him, He has more important things to do.” Jesus overheard us and turned around and held the mans hand and healed him. Jesus hands lit up with a glow from the inside and the mans hands did too. Healing power went into his whole body, and his whole body was healed as new. I felt Holy Spirit strongly as well while watching this. Jesus said “I came to heal big things and small things”. 

Next scene: I was running to get Jesus clothes that He had apparently left on earth from the last time He was on earth. I found the men that were looking after them getting them out and dusting them off. (I think they were Jewish men, like pharisees). One of them was putting on Jesus clothes and they were reading out their laws while he was putting on the clothes. The laws were written on them. I ran in there and I said “what are you doing? We need to get these to Jesus now.” The man said he’s just trying them on. I told him to hurry and stop mucking about! Then I realised the man did not intend to give them to Jesus. End.

This lines up with my previous dream where the Jewish leaders rejected Jesus: Message for Jews: Jesus is the Messiah

I believe me moving house up a hill is symbolic of rapture and transformation. A house is symbolic of our body /temple. We get taken immediately before a tsunami hits.

See also tsunami dreams: Tsunami / Ark dreams

At some points riots/civil war will start, some are saying they could start if bidens win gets overturned. They could also get worse if martial law begins and/or the people fight against mandatory v@x/ mark of the beast. I don’t know exactly how it will play out, but it’s coming.

When Jesus said He came to heal big things and small things, I think that means noone is too insignificant to Him and no problem is too small. If you have a problem, pray. Honestly I ask Him for help with the smallest things and He helps me. For example I’ll ask for an idea of what to make for dinner and He gives me an idea. I’ve actually prayed for small burns and He’s healed me. We aren’t bothering Him. His love and power are infinite. His time is infinite. He can do it all. He is never too busy for you. God bless

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalms 147.3

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Muslims take over an Airport

2020 Nov 4

Dream: I was in a car with my mum driving, going into an airport. The traffic got jammed and I saw up ahead a bus that was taken over by Muslim men with guns. They were shouting and running around waving their guns and shooting anyone that did not comply. I told my mum to duck down. We saw people sneaking out of their cars and running to the main airport building. We did too. Everything seemed normal at first inside with people walking around, shopping etc, but I noticed muslim ladies laying down large prayer mats all over the central area of the mall. I looked around and saw armed muslim men all over the mall and in the control room. They had quietly taken over and no-one had noticed yet. End.

I’ve had prophetic dreams like this before which have come true, so I know I can’t ignore this one. Please pray. 🙏

Something unusual is that my mum lives in New Zealand and I live in australia. I don’t see her much or dream of her much either. Maybe this is a clue that this will happen in new zealand? I don’t know for sure. I don’t recognize the airport. I’m also wondering why they would be taking over an airport. What might they be planning?

Let me know what you think.

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Ignite the Nations!

2020 Oct 27 Ignite the nation’s

Dream: I was on a street and saw a car stop in the middle of the road. An angel got out of the car. He had blond hair, armor and white wings. He held a sword up in the air and shouted “Ignite the nations”. The sword had blue flames or electricity/energy around it, that went around his arm too. It looked like this but with the sword:

I just realised that the sword can represent the bible too!

Ignite means starting a fire. I thought it could be about Holy spirit fire being poured out, or about Gods refining fire: judgement or cleansing.

I searched the bible for “ignite” and found a lot of scripture about judgement:

A friend suggested it could mean God igniting His 144k army. She said “Ignite the nations – makes me think of the firestarters – the 144. Time to set the world on fire with God’s fiery love and glory. Is this a call for us to begin…?” 

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea. Hab 2:14

I got a confirmation of this while watching a movie, it was said on the movie: “ignite the stars”! The 144k are referred to as stars in bible:

Daniel 12:3
“Those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.

See also: We will shine like stars

See also: My sword in the Spirit

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School Volcano Train Rapture

22 Oct 2020 Dream:

I was at some kind of school, kind of like a boarding school, where the students would learn in their rooms with zoom classes. I was in a room with another girl. The teacher was mad at me because I was doing all the work quickly and asking to hop off and take my break early. 

2 other people, boys, moved into our room, teachers orders. One of the boys was named “Justin”. I was trying to sort 2 rooms worth of our stuff into one room. Weirdly, we had to share 2 double beds. It was totally plutonic. The room had a name: “brambles”.

Anyway, the next day I was walking with a different boy who was my best friend in the dream. We were holding hands, hugging, I loved him and felt very safe with him, I trusted him. (I felt total peace and joy throughout this whole dream.) Then there was a traffic jam in the corridors, everyone was getting mad. I ran ahead and flew over them to see what was happening. The teachers were mad at me for running ahead. Up ahead there was a wide road with about 10 lanes wide and a car in each lane at stop lights. The lights were off, like there was a power cut. The cars were abandoned. I started moving the cars out of the way. It was easy, like moving toy cars. The teachers kept shouting at me to leave it alone. Anyway I got the traffic flowing again, including the traffic of students in the school.

Then there were volcano’s starting to erupt. The school was in between the volcanoes and the beach. On the beach was a train. Everyone had to evacuate onto the train. I made it on and helped lots of others onto the train. The teachers were really angry with me still, even though I was saving so many lives, they were mad I didn’t go by their rules. The train left and flew over the ocean. End 

My Interpretation:

I believe the school is this world and the teachers are the governments of this world. The government’s, especially now, are making stupid illogical rules to take power and control over us and stop us from moving or living normally, and this will get even worse.

Meaning of brambles: I found a few scriptures about brambles and they seem to represent the punishment for this world, for mankind in general who aren’t saved. This makes sense as the school represents this world. This world doesn’t produce any good fruit. Luke 6:44: For each tree is known by its own fruit. For people don’t gather figs from thorns, nor do they gather grapes from a bramble bush.

Me finishing my work quickly and taking an early break is because I am one of the firstfruits, and will make the first rapture.

I think that getting double of everything was a reward that God gives to the righteous, like He gave double to Job. It is also God giving us justice for everything that was stolen from us. God gave double portions to firstborns and those who were special to Him. Elisha also recieved a double annointing.

The beds are symbolic of rest.

Justin meaning: Justin is an anglicized form of the Latin given name Justinus, a derivative of Justus, meaning “just”, “fair”, or “righteous”. Justice! I think this part of the dream was about the reward, getting justice, receiving back double of everything that’s been taken from us.

The best friend in the dream represents Jesus, who is my best friend irl, who gives me peace and joy.

The traffic Jam and power cut I think represents the coming lockdown which will be worse than anything we’ve had yet. People will be told it is temporary but will be like prisoners, unable to move or get out anywhere. We are incredibly dependant on electricity to live and the power cut will cause chaos. Satan entraps people on a spiritual level also trying to stop them from making the rapture.

I seemed to have superhuman strength and could fly when I flew over the people and moved the cars, meaning I had my transformed body at that point. Ive had many dreams of saving people during tribulation, in my transformed body.

The volcanoes could be literal, there’s been quite a few words about volcanoes given people and warnings about the increase in seismic activity.

The train represents the rapture! I’ve had a few dreams confirming this and others have too. The ocean that the train flies over is like the red sea of the exodus. Our escape!

See also this dream I had with Power cuts:

We need to prepare now for the coming powercuts. Have a gas stove or bbq set up for cooking. Keep your cars gas tank full. Prepare food and water, first aid kit, candles, flashlights, batteries etc. If it turns out we dont need it, it will be helpful for the left behind.

Let me know your thoughts, God bless 🙂

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Rainbow🌈 then Asteroid☄

2019 April 11 Dream: I dreamed of the colors in the sky this morning. I was trying to warn people and they didn’t believe me.

2020 Sep 30 Vision: I asked Jesus if there was anything He wanted to show me. He took my hand and flew up to the clouds. He showed me lots of rainbows on the clouds. Then He turned around behind us and showed me a huge fireball hurtling towards earth. I was interrupted at that point and never got any more on it. I believe this means the colors in the sky event will happen right before the asteroid hits. I’ve had a vision of the asteroid years ago. I saw it hitting the ocean and causing a tsunami. Many have had dreams and visions of the asteroid and colors in the sky.

See this previous dream I had with rainbows right before tsunami: Tsunami / Ark dreams

Scripture: The second angel blew his trumpet, and something like a great mountain, burning with fire, was thrown into the sea, and a third of the sea became blood. ~ Rev 8:8

A few different prophets have said there will be colors in the sky like ribbons of light, or like aurora borealis, right before the 3 days of Darkness.

There is a theory that the end times order of events will be like the days of noah in reverse. The flood ended with a rainbow, so if the theory is true, it makes sense that a rainbows or rainbow colors in the sky will be the first thing that happens.

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