Drones, nanobots

2021 Jan 27 nanobots

Dream: AI was taking over the world. There were these drones that were shaped like black orbs, the size of basketballs. They were policing the people, keeping them in line. They were spreading nano bots onto people  which were taking over the persons body and rapidly replicating and spreading from person to person, like a disease. They looked like a black swarm. I was flying in this dream and I was trying to help people. I told them to get inside and don’t open the door to anyone. I saw one of the scientists that had created the drones / computer system, running to try to shut it down. He got to the main computer and started tapping away. I was telling him to hurry! The drones saw him and he quickly changed the screen to look like he was ordering a drink. The drone said “what are you doing?” He said “ordering a drink”. End.

I dont know what happened to the scientist after this, as the dream ended. Ive had other dreams with drones and nanotech which I will link here:

robot dream

Drone dream

nanobots dream

2 thoughts on “Drones, nanobots

  1. This time will be so fulfilling for us – serving our God, feeling Useful lol! powerful and saving as many as we can for their eternal salvation. Praise God.
    Blessings and love sis
    Julia πŸ•Šβ€πŸ•Š

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