Don’t look back!

Don’t look back!


2 experiences and a dream and word. These are all about trusting God 100% :


18 Oct:

I was in my backyard and noticed 2 new sinkholes (there was already one, so now there’s 3) and I just felt overwhelmed because of that and other things going on and I said Lord, how am I supposed to cope when unexpected things keep coming up? I can’t prepare for the unexpected. Then I saw a smooth rock in the sinkhole and I picked it up, (don’t ask me why! I just felt like I should) it was covered in mud and I wiped the mud and it said the word “trust” on it! I don’t know where it came from, it was just there. Maybe it was buried and came up because of the sinkhole opening up. A rock could also be a symbol of Jesus, as He is our rock.

Here’s a Photo I took of the rock:



22 Oct:

I was driving my car with my son and was nearly hit by a huge truck. It was so incredibly close, it was terrifying. Something odd happened that makes me think the devil tried to kill us. We were at stoplights and I didn’t see when the light turned green because I was distracted and confused by the sound of a phone ringing. I know it wasn’t my phone, different ring tone. Noone else was around and no other phones around. I think it may have been spiritual and it wasn’t of God because it put us in danger. So I didn’t go straight away when the light turned green and this huge truck was going too fast and braking behind us and nearly plowed into the back of us. It swerved and passed us on the left, missing us by a few centimetres. Luckily there was enough room on the shoulder next to us. (If you’re confused, we are in Australia and drive on the left side of the road). While this was happening, the truck driver managed to blast his horn at me, wind his window down and yell at me and gesture out the window at me. He was raging at me like he was demon possessed and I hadn’t done anything wrong except for taking a little too long to go, which isn’t a crime. HE was the one that nearly killed me and my 12 yr old son because he was going too fast. Then further on, he pulled over, half on the road, to yell at me some more while I drove past. This put other drivers in danger too because he was half on the road and they had to swerve around him.

I believe the devil tried to kill us that day and God saved our lives. This relates to the message on the rock, “trust”. Trust God when things come up out of the blue! Everything is in God’s hands. The devil cannot kill us or do anything to us without God’s permission. If the devil has is way he would have killed all of us long ago, but we are all still here, which is proof of how God is always protecting us. It’s not my time to die, just yet!


24 Oct: Dream and word:

I had a dream, I was driving my car across some dirt into “Israel”. (It was a town with a gate and I knew it was called Israel). There was a man standing in the Israel gate motioning me to hurry. It seemed to be his job to help people safely cross over the dirt area into the town. I looked down at the dirt and started feeling scared, then a sinkhole opened up and my car fell back into it. The man got some other people to help pull me out. I looked back at my car and thought I would go back in and grab some things like my purse and phone. The man was telling me not to but I didn’t listen. When I went back towards my car, I slipped down into the sinkhole about 10 feet deeper than the car. The dirt was crumbling and I kept falling deeper. It was terrifying! I thought the earth might swallow me up. The people helped again by throwing a rope down, and I climbed out. This time I didn’t go back in. I knew at that point it wasn’t worth it. I reluctantly left all my things behind. I went into “Israel” with nothing but the clothes on my back.



I woke up scared because of this dream and asked Jesus what it was about. He said, ” you have to leave everything behind. Don’t hold onto anything. ” Then He said something else which He has forbidden me to say out loud or even type here. I think its a test to see if He can trust me to follow instructions.



Israel meaning: wrestles/contends with God. The man Israel aka Jacob literally wrestled with God.

I realised after I woke, that the man in my dream was Jesus. I was wrestling with Him in a way by not listening to Him. I was challenging His instructions for me. Thank goodness He kept helping me even after I didn’t listen. The people He told to help me were angels. In my experience this is exactly what Jesus is like, He is so forgiving and long suffering and doesn’t give up on us even though we let Him down over and over.

It was after I looked down at the dirt that the sinkhole opened. This reminds me of Peter walking on water. When he got scared, he started sinking. He needed to trust Jesus and so do I. Also when Jesus instructs me, I can’t look back like Lot’s wife did. I have to 100% follow orders without question. So I need to 100% trust Him.

Car = my body. What came to mind is that I have to leave my fleshy desires and fears and feelings behind. Also Flesh and blood cannot enter the kingdom. I have a feeling “Israel” in the dream was also God’s kingdom. To get to God’s kingdom, we have to leave behind all our earthly things. To see God’s kingdom now, we have to look to Jesus and His truth and not our own wisdom and desires. He knows what is best for us.


Part of being prepared for the rapture is being willing to leave everything and everyone behind at a moment’s notice. We have to be 100% sold out for Jesus. We have to love Him with all of our hearts and let nothing and noone else be more important than He is.

We may not be able to say goodbye. We have to trust that our left behind loved ones will be ok. We can help them by leaving emergency supplies and left behind letters and bibles. Just imagine if the rapture happened today: Are you ready for it and willing to drop everything? If not then you need to work that out now because we haven’t got long to go! 


God bless!


5 thoughts on “Don’t look back!

    1. I didn’t always have dreams.
      You will have dreams sis. I know it. Have you had any kind of dreams at all? Have you been writing them down? It’s a good habit to write them down anyway. Sometimes they don’t seem to mean anything at first, but find the meaning later.
      I’m praying for you sis, God bless 💗


  1. Wow thank God for your guardian angels.
    Amen our riches and sights should be heavenly and heaven bound.. nothing here for us but to live out FATHER’S will and purposes and bring in the harvest. Well that’s a lot! Still can’t wait to be reunited with Jesus ❤

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