Rainbow🌈 then Asteroid☄

2019 April 11 Dream: I dreamed of the colors in the sky this morning. I was trying to warn people and they didn’t believe me.

2020 Sep 30 Vision: I asked Jesus if there was anything He wanted to show me. He took my hand and flew up to the clouds. He showed me lots of rainbows on the clouds. Then He turned around behind us and showed me a huge fireball hurtling towards earth. I was interrupted at that point and never got any more on it. I believe this means the colors in the sky event will happen right before the asteroid hits. I’ve had a vision of the asteroid years ago. I saw it hitting the ocean and causing a tsunami. Many have had dreams and visions of the asteroid and colors in the sky.

See this previous dream I had with rainbows right before tsunami: Tsunami / Ark dreams

Scripture: The second angel blew his trumpet, and something like a great mountain, burning with fire, was thrown into the sea, and a third of the sea became blood. ~ Rev 8:8

A few different prophets have said there will be colors in the sky like ribbons of light, or like aurora borealis, right before the 3 days of Darkness.

There is a theory that the end times order of events will be like the days of noah in reverse. The flood ended with a rainbow, so if the theory is true, it makes sense that a rainbows or rainbow colors in the sky will be the first thing that happens.

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