The fallen Angels falling on a full moon


Dream oct 30 2019:


I was outside in the middle of the night. I looked up and saw a full moon but it was huge and bright. I noticed something unusual, there were little white lines on it. Then I realised they were little shooting stars, hundreds of thousands of them at least, not just in front of the moon but covering the whole sky. The sky was teaming with them.


This is a possible clue about the date of the angels falling, being a full moon. I prayed about this and I realised I’ve had other dreams of the stars falling on a full moon. Looking through my notes, I only found this one written down from Nov 2018:

I saw dark spirits under the full moon, flying downwards from the clouds. One stopped to look at me and tried to intimidate me, like it was worried that I saw it. I didn’t back away, I stood my ground, so it left with the others. Then I saw angels lined up all over the sky, ready like soldiers at attention, waiting for their orders. End of dream. 

After typing this out today I was looking at the full moon outside and saw a big white shooting star right next to it. Confirmation !


8 thoughts on “The fallen Angels falling on a full moon

  1. Since waking up this spring and coming back to God from my prodigal ways, I have witnessed countless amounts of them moving in the skies, and also shooting down. It’s the new normal to me. I am more “troubled” when they seem to have stopped lately. Only very few anymore, but I still see them occasionally. Maybe some of have come down already.

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      1. True story, no matter how strange these things sound to most. When the activity has been highest, I’ve seen dozens and dozens of them per night. They are stars. Some travel in different directions, some are higher, some lower, some vary their brightness, some shoot down. There’s a couple of situations when they came shooting down so close that I could see they are like burning fire, having the essence of living entities. Probably they tried to intimidate me, but I am not really much afraid as I have protection under blood of Jesus.
        I don’t really get along with people anymore, because I have been shown so much for some reason, and it’s very difficult to be around those who are completely asleep. God bless you too, and pay attention to the skies, it’s possible to witness many things in these times.

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      2. Wow, I do see them at night, shooting around the earth. i believe most are Angel’s, I see black ones too, and those must be fallen ones. It is very interesting the different things I see sometimes at night.


  2. Dear sister in Christ,

    Again i read something that corresponds to my experience. I desire to share this confirmation and i believe it is okay to do so.

    About 5 years ago when i was was having many spiritual experiences, there was a while – maybe a few weeks, i am not sure – when i had the experience of seeing or sensing “stars falling”, but when i was indoors. At the time (and still today) i associate the “stars” with angels and think it may have been part of the fulfillment of Revelation 6:13.

    I am very encouraged by what i have read that you have written about our Father preparing harvest workers.

    “O the depth of the abundance and wisdom and knowledge of God; how undiscoverable His judgments and untrackable His ways!” (Romans 11:33)

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