Message: Get ready

I actually shared this on Facebook and didn’t realise till now I didn’t post it here yet. Sorry! As you know I’ve had a an amazing last couple weeks doing prophetic words for people. But this is important:


2019 July 13 message


At night I have been seeing writing on the walls and a messed up calendar with jumbled letters and numbers and flower stickers on it. I struggled to make it out. I’m looking again in my minds eye. I’m shining a light on it in the spirit and am seeing the words now:


There was a time when things didn’t add up. 

They make sense now; and remember who holds the answers. (Jesus)

The rain drops glisten in the wind. (Wind = Holy Spirit). They are stronger together. A sea is made up of small droplets, but together they can form a tsunami. Edify each other. Care for each other.

Trust me child. You are part of my body and my body has many parts. There are many stones in my church. You each only know in part. I am in control. Don’t look to certain dates or prophets or preachers or anything/anyone else for salvation. Look to me, I am the head. Keep your eyes on me. Prophets are to direct you to me, not themselves. You won’t be saved by knowing the day, which you cannot know. You can only be saved by me. Come to me.

You are all being tested to grow stronger in your faith and trust for me. Trust me and you won’t fall. I am training you for something bigger to come. Embrace your training and don’t fear it.

Tell them I love them. I await with open arms. End



5 thoughts on “Message: Get ready

  1. Actually, reading this today was timely re edifying each other as I’ve been very sad and crying every day the last week and a half.
    A friend was meant to fast social media and chats today but FATHER told her I needed to talk ! I can’t believe he did that for me and using fellow siblings to comfort me xx

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