My daughters dreams

2019 May 17 My daughters dreams

My almost 11 yr old daughter had these interesting dreams, which I’m not sure of the meaning. Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks!

Dream 1: It was raining, nighttime, She saw red and white helicopters with a number 5 shape on them. The front windows were black. The helicopters were randomly snatching people with a claw that came down. She said it didn’t matter if the people were inside because the claw would just bust straight through the roof and grab them. She said we were in our house, but went out in the car to get away. Her picture:


After this she had a 2nd dream where she could walk through doors or touch party lights to shapeshift into something else. At one point she was a baby tiger, and one point she was a woman with blonde hair and “nature”, e.g. flowers in her hair (maybe her future self?). She said after she walked through the doors someone else could also see everything from her perspective, as if a camera was attached to her forehead and they were watching through the camera. She said this happened for 7 days (7 days, 7 nights).

That’s it, please help me interpret, thanks!


8 thoughts on “My daughters dreams

  1. Wow sis .. well for the 1st dream, I have heard from former 1llum1n4t1 family, that in the trib they will be hunting christians in choppers! !
    I believe red white and black may be one of their colour combinations too.
    And 5 : Occultist Numerology (Numbers and Meanings)
    “… The number 5 is the number of Death”. 😦

    Pray for discernment.
    God bless you and your daughter xx

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    1. Wow! Thanks for that. I think this makes sense. Sounds scary! But Im trusting in God, and won’t fear this. I just remembered I had another dream with helicopters chasing us! I’ll try find that one. God bless xx


      1. I think I recall you posting that dream. It’s strange, I had quite a vivid dream of a big fat chopper crash land, after doing very low loops and rolls, right by me in front my house. Someone walked away from it saying we’ll just say this (can’t recall) happened ie a cover up. Then I hear of 3 chopper dreams including your daughter’s. Hmm

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      2. I don’t believe we are to fear or expect this for the remnant army. I’m pretty sure it’s for the trib saints.
        One thing I still can’t figure is, is the army also the 2 witnesses? Ie one witness is israelite tribes and the other is gentiles. Cos if they’re the same, the 2 witnesses die and are resurrected 3 days later.. I wonder if that’s the 3 DOD?? I have stopped trying to figure all that out.

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      3. I agree it’s the trib saints that will go through these trials. I’m not sure yet who the 2 witnesses are. I saw one theory saying they are the 2 angels that were in Jesus tomb, they saw His resurrection. Maybe they are 2 individuals, maybe moses and Elijah. I’ll pray on it. Interesting link with 3 dod


  2. dream 1 —

    I do not know if this will help, but red, white and black were the colors of the Roman republic from 1798-1799

    also the flag of Egypt, Yemen, New Zealand and some other entities is red, white and black.

    dream 2

    red and black are also used in MKultra mind control programming

    daughter changes from one personality to another, having different “alters”

    MKUltra victims many times have implants in eyes or brain, so controller can see her / his environment and be able to control from a distance, and give orders to victim to control behavior

    just my thoughts…

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