Training/ Helping people during the Tribulation

Training/ Helping people during the Tribulation


I have had many dreams/visions over last few years of being trained by angels, and working alongside angels, helping people in present day and during the tribulation.

I never posted about much of it before because I thought I was the only one experiencing these things, and couldn’t explain it within any eschatology I had seen and so people generally wouldn’t believe what I’ve seen. I kept most of it to myself all this time. They were so real that I’m not 100% sure yet if it was actually happening right then, or if I was seeing something in the future. Maybe it’s both. If our spirit is already seated with Christ in heaven, then maybe our spirit lives outside of time. In a past vision, I was outside of the timeline looking in.

At first I thought I was the only one that dreamed of these things, then gradually started finding others who say the same things, and now there is enough people out there now sharing their stories and people teaching on the eschatology as well so that it makes sense now, so now I feel ready to share.

There are at least 2 different groups of saints. There are the first fruits, bride and 144k which may be the same thing. They get saved/transformed at the beginning of the tribulation. Then there are the tribulation saints who get saved during the tribulation. They are the main harvest. I believe I am one of the firstfruits, the forerunners. God has given me confirmations of this.

In my dreams I am in perfect health and beauty. Sometimes I’m wearing armor. In real life I have social anxiety and various health problems, but in my dreams that’s all gone! I have no fear and it seems perfectly normal in my dream. It is like a second life. I remember who I am in my dream, I remember everything, but when I wake up, I forget most of it.

I’ve had so many of these types of dreams that I didn’t write them down, but I’ll try write what I remember. Many of the dreams were taken from my memory, except for snippets that I was aloud to remember. I’ve had lost time where I knew I was in the spirit for hours but only remember a fraction of it. I believe the memories will be restored when I need it.

I started off with having several dreams of being trained by angels, over the course of 2 years. Some were in a school with many other saints and angels teaching us. Some were visions in my bedroom.

I don’t remember an island as some are talking about. But I often have spent time with Jesus on a beach in my visions of Him.

The angels taught about spiritual things such as faith, discernment, the armor, and Holy Spirit gifts. They also taught about flying, creating portals and moving between the spiritual and physical realms and moving people to another place. This will be vital during the tribulation. They taught about healing and casting out demons and prophesying and comforting and strengthening people. There was so much more that I don’t remember.

I’ve had many dreams/visions of helping people present day and during the trib. When I’m there, I know exactly what to do as I’m guided by Holy Spirit. There is no doubt or fear. Although it’s sad sometimes seeing the people’s suffering, it’s so joyful being able to help them! They are so happy and grateful, it changes their life! It’s also so realistic and so random, I know it’s more than just dreams.

I remember once watching through the veil, alongside the angels and all these people were lined up to be beheaded. A man was called up to the guillotine and fell on his knees and prayed, giving glory to God. The executioner was furious and ran to grab the man but I reached through the veil and grabbed him first and pulled him back through, then pushed him back out in a new location which seemed to be in the wilderness somewhere? It might have been an island? There was a group of people there who had also been saved and they rejoiced and embraced the man, saying welcome! Back at the execution place, the executioner and those in charge were furious. All the others in line that saw it, also fell on their knees and started glorifying God!

I dreamed of rapturing babies, myself and many saints and angels were on the clouds and had what seemed like bungee cords. We were swooping down, grabbing the babies and pulling them back up to heaven. I had a sense that this was during the trib and the babies were in great danger.

I’ve dreamed of battling demons, “aliens” and giants and I had superpowers, I could fly, I was super strong and nothing could hurt me. I would do spiritual warfare and save people and they would give their life to Jesus! I would teach people. There was so much.

I’ve had many present day dreams of helping people and they are just so real! I feel like I was actually there. Here are some examples:

I dreamed I was in a house where children were being abused. The police were there and the abusive man told them everything was fine. The children were terrified to say anything. I told the police that the children were abused and they checked and saw bruises etc and they arrested the man.

I dreamed of an African women that was lost and didn’t know english and she was looking for the bank and I took her and her children to the bank. She held my hand and was in tears saying thank you, thank you!

I dreamed of a mother who was exhausted and took her children to a water park to get some relief. I comforted her and told her I understand and it will get better and she burst into tears. It had made her whole day to have 1 person that cared.

I saw a vision of a child in a muslim country and some Muslim men planning to hurt him and I prayed really hard for that boy. I believe I was shown it so I could pray, and I didnt see what happened to him, but I believe God saved that boy.

I dreamed of an old pedophile and saw in his eyes, he was possessed. I cast out his demon and afterwards he was confused, he didn’t know where he was, he’d lost years of his life, and I told him what happened and he said “what have I done!” and he repented and gave his life to Jesus.

I dreamed of a disabled man who was being abused by his carers, they had left him in the floor. I picked him up and cleaned him up and comforted him. He was awestruck as he had never experienced being loved before. I was in tears after this one.

There are so many suffering and alone in this world and I want to help them so much. I know what it is like suffering alone. I’ve had times in my life where I attempted suicide. God allowed me to experience these things so I would have humility and compassion for others. I remember times when a stranger would help me right when I needed it and I thought it may have been an angel. It comforts me to know that God sees all and helps these people.  🙂

I’ve had so many more dreams visions, some of which I’ve written about here on my blog. Please comment if you relate to any of this. God bless!


2 thoughts on “Training/ Helping people during the Tribulation

  1. Thanks Sis! I read this before and was meant to reply. I wish I was shown this much Wowee! I have heard we are very busy in the spirit realm when we sleep
    Thanks again xx

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    1. Yes we are! I’ve had more experiences like this since I posted this. I’ve had times where I knew I was in the spirit for hours and don’t remember what happened but I’m left with a feeling of awe and peace about it. Sometimes when I wake up, I feel like I’m reentering my body and there’s like a whooshing sensation. One time this happened slowly and I felt like I was putting my spiritual arms and hands into my physical body and I swear it felt like putting on a jacket with gloves, I felt each finger go in and then felt these little electricity connections as I connected to my hands. 🙂


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