Dream Battle /Great Multitude

2016 May 17 


A great battle was raging. I was fighting in a war. I had on armor and a sword and shield. I believe it was either the tribulation or armageddon.

I looked up in my dream and had an open vision of heaven. There were millions of people. There was a chasm between us. Some people in the dream were falling down the chasm to hell, but the vast majority I saw safe in heaven on the other side. I knew this was the great multitude in Revelation 7.

Amongst the crowd I saw my parents. They looked peaceful and happy. They reached out and held my hand, as if to say “we’re ok. Dont worry about us. We made it!”.

I felt peace about my parents and continued fighting.

End of dream.


I do believe that most people will be left behind and make it through the tribulation. They are the great multitude in Revelation 7. Only a few people will go to hell. The worst of the worst. The unrepentant. In real life my parents are not saved. I have worried about them a lot. But they will be ok in the end. Thank you Lord. God bless.

2 thoughts on “Dream Battle /Great Multitude

  1. That’s very comforting sis. I’m glad because in the past people have asked but what about good honest people? It’s a hard thing to say sorry they need to be saved. My mum was given to know that my unsaved uncle had a “visitation” right before death..and he made the right choice. Same with my father in law – the white horse dream and 1 John 5 .
    Jesus came that ALL would be saved. Only the tares i think it is will be bundled up and thrown in the fire.
    God bless xx


    1. Amen! I totally agree. Thanks for sharing that about your uncle. There are a few other stories ive heard about unsaved people who died, met Jesus and came back for second chance. He is reasonable. He loves us all soo much. Some say babies that die go to hell because they wernt saved. Thats crazy! Not the loving God I know. He gives everyone a chance to make an informed choice. All babies go to heaven. God bless Xx


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